Why A Consultant Boot Camp?

Do you believe in utilizing outside talent to gain expertise that compliments your own?  Of course you do!  Or, why would you become a consultant?

Consultant Boot Camp exists for the purpose of facilitating your success.  New consultants and sole-practitioners are not immune to the failure rate statistics of start-up businesses.  So we provide the support you need to beat the odds and build a prosperous practice faster and easier than working completely alone.

We believe in words of renowned consultant Peter Drucker:

“The purpose of any business is to attract and maintain customers”.

So The Consultant Boot Camp is designed to develop and support your goals for attracting new clients.

Are You Wired to Be a Consultant?

Your career decisions should be based on insight, not impulse. If you’re not suited to being a solo entrepreneur, your efforts are best spent pursuing other interests.  Before enrolling you in Boot Camp activities, we assess your Consultant Talent DNA. You will understand your potential pitfalls and identify personal development needs.

Start-Up Realities and Tendencies

Cart Before Horse

The Cart Before The Horse

During the start-up phase, moving from an idea to a business takes clients, cash and stamina.  Initially, your primary goal is to exist and survive. At this stage clients are what you need. Companies fail at this fledgling stage because they have intricate, detailed product plans and no clue how to identify, attract and sell customers. A company with a clear marketing plan and a vague product plan is more likely to succeed than the reverse. *

Will you need tools like business cards, letterheads, a logo, a CRM system and a website? Of course.  While we can we help with these, let’s avoid putting the cart before the horse.

Why Join The Boot Camp?

TomWhile not your typical overbearing drill sergeant, I have helped professional service firms to attract more new clients for over 10 years. I have a unique gift for understanding and effectively communicating business value propositions.  The Consultant Boot Camp provides me with an opportunity to combine my expertise in executive coaching, marketing, sales, strategy, and talent assessment. And, I love watching my clients achieve breakthroughs. For that to happen, you will need to do your pushups. And I will hold you accountable, as needed.

I will be honored to discuss how our Boot Camp experience will fuel the success of your consulting venture.  Let’s connect.

– Tom Lemanski

* Recognize And Manage The 5 Stages Of Small Business Growth – Tom Harnish